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Shri Business (New York) November 2, 2019 :Optometry equipment are usually operated by optometrist or ophthalmologist to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye, and deformities associated with eye structures as well as diagnose eye related systemic disorders.

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Optometry equipment include set of equipment used for cornea and cataract examination, retina and glaucoma examination and for general examination purposes. These optometry instruments include  retinoscopes, visual field analyzers,  fundus cameras,  autorefractors and  keratometers, ophthalmoscopes, specular microscopes, wavefront aberrometers, and among others.

Increasing incidences of eye disease and vision loss have led to introduction of new technologies and methods by optometry instrument manufactures. In January 2016, Birmingham Optical launched the NIDEK Tonoref III, a device which combines the functionality of an auto-refractometer, auto-keratometer, non-contact tonometer, and non-contact pachymeter into one device. These user-friendly device is designed to offer a high measurement accuracy and is able to conduct all clinically essential eye detection functions. This will eventually propel the adoption of optometry equipment over the forecast period.

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