Pharmaceutical Excipients: Innovative Excipients in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing | Making life better!- Shri Business

Shri Business (New York) October 19, 2019:“Challenging Molecules Drive Developers to Get More Creative With Excipients”

Pharma manufacturers are seeking out innovative excipients that address bioequivalence development and solubility challenges, while enhancing formulation.

A pharmaceutical excipient is a substance-either natural or synthetically formulated-that serves multiple purposes in a medicines and drugs. It is used as a bulking or stabilizing substance, as an agent to enhance the solubility of a drug, or as an ingredient that enhances the therapeutic effect of a drug.

Some excipients that may lend more value during the manufacturing or handling process of a drug or medicine. Excipients are also used in applications where the in-vitro integrity and stability of drugs need to be preserved. The type and volume of excipient added to a pharmaceutical formulation depends largely on whether the drug is to be administered orally or intravenously.

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