Organ-on-a-chip Market News: Expand Steadily Potential Growth

Shri Business (New York) October 20, 2019: Organ-on-a-chip Industry are focused on various business strategies such as merger and acquisition, in order to enhance their Industry presence.

For instance, in March 2018, BioIVT acquired Ascendance Biotechnology to expand its drug safety testing and toxicology portfolios. in November 2018, BioIVT acquired Biological Specialty Corporation (BSC), which will expand its ability to offer fresh blood products,. Follow us and get the latest updates on the field from the world’s leading companies!

In August 2019, BioIVT, a provider of research models for drug and diagnostic development hosted research symposium titled, ‘“Innovation in Immuno-oncology: Breaking Down the Barriers’ at Massachusetts, U.S. This event highlighted research advances with implication for clinical practices and drug discovery of immune-oncology.

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