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Shri Business (New York) October 19, 2019:In the field of  drug development and  research, use of  microscopy devices for studies have become important to avoid failures and repetitions.

Moreover, digitally enhanced images provided by microscopes could provide insights into target identification and validation, and drug discovery. Hence, the changing approach towards drug development, imaging  diagnostic techniques,  nanoscience, and  structural biology, which incorporates the use of technologically advanced microscopes are expected to increase the demand for life science microscopy devices, in turn boosting growth of life science microscopy devices.

Life Science Microscopy Devices are expected to gain significant growth, owing to the rapid development activities for the launch of technologically advanced and cost-effective quality products such as  robotic visualization systems for ease of use in surgeries. For instance, on November 9, 2017, Olympus Corporation planned to launch two types of Upright FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope by January 2018 to observe phenomena such as super-fast signal propagation in the nervous system.

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